Christel Owona

Massage Therapist Licensed

Christel is from France, she has had the opportunity to work as a nurse in a different field of health geriatric, surgery, orthopedic and psychiatric and rehabilitation for 15 years.

She studied at the University Marne the valee Paris in France where she got an Associate of Science Activity Physical Adapt.

Athletic, she was on several time french championship

She looks forward to the opportunity to help you. 

Christel is an Atlanta licensed and certified massage therapist who is passionate about others' wellness. She knows first-hand what it is like suffering from chronic pain while recovering from a right side paralysis. She suffered from intense migraines, nausea, fibrosis and endometriosis level 4. 

She benefited from massage therapy coordinated with stretching and strengthening exercises which helped correct these conditions. 

After deciding to seek a new career path, she wanted to help others live a more pain free and comfortable life. She studied at The Gwinnett college Sandy Springs and completed a 1000-hour curriculum focusing on anatomy, physiology integration and neuro-muscular therapy reflexology, sport massage and more.… 

She also worked with several prominent chiropractors in the Atlanta area. This training has allowed her to offer here clients effective advantages towards injury prevention, actual results from the treatment of sports injuries, slip and fall accidents, vehicular accidents, structural and postural stress and imbalances and pre/post- surgical procedures. This new career path has been extremely rewarding. It has given her the opportunity to help improve the quality of life of so many people.  - I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU