How I Work

Leg Massage
Back Massage

Through my massage I will be bringing a physical and mental well-being. 

Massage and knead muscles and soft tissues of the body to provide treatment for medical conditions, injuries, or wellness maintenance. 

Confer with clients about their medical histories and problems with stress or pain to determine how massage will be most helpful.

Apply finger and hand pressure to specific points of the body.

Maintain treatment records.

Assess clients’ soft tissue condition, joint quality and function, muscle strength, and range of motion.

Treat clients in professional settings.

Provide clients with guidance and information about techniques for postural improvement and stretching, strengthening, relaxation, and rehabilitative exercises.

Develop and propose client treatment plans that specify which types of massage are to be used.

Refer clients to other types of therapists when necessary.

Perform other adjunctive therapies or treatment techniques in addition to massage.

Prepare and blend oils or lotion and apply the blends to clients’skin.

Use complementary aids, such as, pressure, stretching to promote client’s recovery, relaxation and well-being.